New Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket

Meet our new Polly Pocket and her friends- prepare yourself for a big adventure in a small size! This smart and extremely brave girl inherited from her grandpa magical medallion altogether with a MINIPOWER!

Polly Pocket™ Hidden Places Themed Worlds with Accessories 

The Polly Pocket™ Hidden Places Dance Partaay! case and Beach Vibes Backpack each open to reveal a larger-themed Polly™ world and are great to take on-the-go for Polly Pocket™ adventure play anytime, anywhere! The Dance Par-taay! case opens to reveal areas for dance performing and partying with additional secret reveals, micro Polly™ and Lila™ dolls, micro limo vehicle and party-themed accessories—everything needed for the ultimate Polly™ party! The Beach Vibes Backpack opens to reveal a sand and sun beach scene and areas to hang out for the ultimate beach vibing! Backpack includes additional secret reveals, micro Polly™ and Shani™ dolls, micro speed boat vehicle plus beach and food accessories.

Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colours and decorations may vary.​ ​


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