Sun for everyone!


A new category of intelligent cosmetics related to tanning. 

Other than all, an innovative line of body and face cosmetics, created for modern, healthy and safe skin tanning. It combines the effects of preparations for sunbathing, soothing, regenerating after sunbathing, bronzing and reconstructing the already existing damages. It has the power to inhibit and even reverse the negative effects of excessive exposure to UV radiation (both UVA and UVB), such as: irritation and burns, damage to the epidermis, photoaging and long-lasting solar elastosis, i.e. the process of degradation and deformation of elastin fibers, provoked by UVA. Thanks to the innovative component Lys’Sun protects the elastin, supports the production of new one and supports the reconstruction of fibers destroyed in the past. An additional advantage of this appetizingly smelling mango fruit line is the bronzing effect that can strengthen, sustain or replace the natural tan. 











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